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  Thursday, April 24, 2014
Happy Birthday Jon S
Welcome Ann Wa
Ain't nobody gonna hold me down

Choose your weight and box height for 4 sets of:
5 Deadlifts
Rest 20 seconds
5 Tall Box Jumps
Rest 2 minutes


3 rounds for time of:
15 Push-ups
25 Kettlebell Swings 50/35
50 Double unders

0% 0%
10:23 Heidi Today!
 15:30 Kristen Today!
  15:48 Tammy P Today!
8:51 Rx Kevin B Today!
 14:11 Rx Mike W Today!
  15:20 Chris E Today!

Jeff L15:45  Singles instead of double unders
Kristen15:30  singles and some doubles
Faith18:47  Sing/dbl jumps, some girl pushups, BUT 40lb kettleball. :)
Mike W14:11 Rx
Chris E15:20  No double-under
Tammy P15:48  some singles & some DUs!!!!
Kevin B8:51 Rx
Heidi10:23  some singles, and girl PU's

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  Wednesday, April 23, 2014
My plate is my friend

Choose manageable loads for the following 3 sets of:
Front-Foot Elevated Split Squats x 8-10 reps each leg (place front foot on a 45# plate or 4' high) This can be done without weight or with barbell on back.
Rest 45 seconds
Single-Arm Trap 3 Raises x 8-10 reps each arm
Rest 45 seconds


For time:
Run 400m
30 - Burpees to plate 45/25
30 - Toes to Bar
30 - Walking Lunges with 45/25 lb. plate overhead

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7:10 Rx Shae M Wed,Apr 23,2014
 8:48 Rx Sharli Wed,Apr 23,2014
  8:59 Rx Sara H Wed,Apr 23,2014
5:44 Rx Kris Wed,Apr 23,2014
 5:51 Rx Aaron M Wed,Apr 23,2014
  8:05 Rx Brian So Wed,Apr 23,2014

Kevin B11:29  no t2b
Kristen10:38  knees to chest
Tracey10:52  weak t2b
Brandon11:56 Rx
Tammy P11:15 Rx
Debbie10:26 Rx
Melissa E11:13  toes 2 bar need work
Jason N11:55 Rx
Cory9:24 Rx
Teri10:38 Rx
Sharli8:48 Rx
Sara H8:59 Rx
Heidi9:31  t2E
Wade H9:58 Rx
Karen13:02  roman chair
Jelene9:36  roman chair- scared of t2b w/shoulder still...
Heather W9:06 Rx Strung 15 t2b together!!
Britney10:09 Rx
Anita11.05  not quite to bar
Erica M9:21 Rx
Josslyn11:03  knees to elbows
Amy10:23  KTE
Alicia C11:30  15lb plate
Krystal14:20  knee to belly, 10 lunged on 25, rest on 15
Erin13:19  t not 2 b
Marcie11:28 Rx
Kristina9:48  not all the way t2b
Charlotte14:23  knees to belly :)
Ann Wa14:23  toes not to bar
Justin W11:00 Rx
Cortney R11:31 Rx 2nd round 13:16
Doug11:15  toes to chest,25# lunges
George13:26 Rx
Ben P11:55 Rx
Aaron M5:51 Rx
Chad9:52  1 T2B at a time
Emily10:17 Rx
Cortney S9:46 Rx
Jessica S9:00 Rx
Kris5:44 Rx
Judd10:53 Rx
Shelly M12:27  t2b
Shae M7:10 Rx
Brian So8:05 Rx
Ben Lomond CrossFit Apr 23,2014

Ben Lomond CrossFit Apr 23,2014

Jesica 6:52pm
Missin you guys! Been having some med issues... Hopefully going to be ok to walk on Friday! :) <3