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Friday, October 24, 2014
Max Unbroken Pull-ups

As many attempts as you'd like (I don't know why you'd want more than one) to perform as many unbroken pull-ups as possible. Have someone count for you or your score doesn't count. You may use strict, kipping, or butterfly.

*If you can't do pull-ups do as many as you can with the band you are currently using.

Rx is no band. You can rest in the hang position or at the top of the pull-up but if you drop to the ground you're done.

1st24 RxJessica S Today!
2nd21 RxEmily S Today!
3rd17 RxKaren Today!
1st40 RxAaron M Today!
2nd36 RxJon S Today!
3rd21 RxEric C Today!

Eric P30  ring rows
Brandon LRx Strict
Teri blue band
Eric C21 Rx Couldn't keep my rhythm
Ginger25  25 ring rows
Preston W20  gr band
Shelly W30  gr bl band
Aaron M40 Rx
Heather WRx pr :)
Erin blue/red band
Shelly M grn band
Kelly LRx
Kristina green band
Rhiannon15  ring rows
Jessica S24 Rx
Bill using strap
Karen17 Rx grn band
Brian DRx 48 burpees in 7 minutes
Robert15 Rx
Heather S10  with blue band
Judd11 Rx
Jon S36 Rx
Emily S21 Rx

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Gym 4:02pm
Burpees SUCK!!!!!!

Wade H 3:05pm
I can barely walk let alone do 7 min of burpees! Once I relearn how to walk without looking like a zombie I'll be back in! Hahaha

Heather S 11:57am
Bobby should kill this one!!!

Gym 7:13am
NO CHERRYPICKING! Get your butts here! Love Aaron

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Bench Press Strenght WOD

Take 20 min
Bench Press  
5-5-3-3-3-1-1 AHAP (As heavy as possible)
Warm up properly.  Continuously add weight.

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Oct 15,2014 Thu,Sep 5,2013
1st145 RxShae M Tue,Jun 10,2014
2nd141 RxShelly M Thu,Sep 5,2013
3rd115 RxErin Wed,Oct 15,2014
Lisa G Thu,Sep 5,2013
1st390 RxChance Wed,Oct 15,2014
2nd325 RxGeoff Thu,Sep 5,2013
3rd315 RxKelly M Thu,Oct 23,2014
Cortney S Wed,Oct 15,2014

Eric P105 Rx
Mary60 Rx
Teri80 Rx
Stacie85 Rx
Brett265 Rx
Mike M225 Rx
Jason N205 Rx
Preston W35 Rx
Shelly W90 Rx
Sara H110 Rx
Kelly L75 Rx
Jelene95 Rx
Danelle90 Rx
Amy110 Rx
Crystal75 Rx PR
Tim210 Rx
George155 Rx
Kelly M315 Rx
Geoff275 Rx tried 300 twice, not today
Aaron M165 Rx
Dana75 Rx
Robert295 Rx PR AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Heather S100 Rx
Allan210 Rx
Justin Wh175 Rx PR
Brooke70 Rx
Erik205 Rx
Rhiannon90 Rx
Brian D265 Rx
John T145 Rx
Aaron M 10:14pm
Chance we're going to have to buy more weights if you get any stronger.

Aaron M 10:09pm
No cherry picking tomorrow!!!