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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Welcome Josiah

3 rounds of

10 Pull Ups
20 Wall Balls  
30  HR Push Ups
40 HR Burpees

RX Only 20#/14#

Chosen as WOD: Thu,Oct 25,2012 Tue,Jul 17,2012
1st14:25 RxJessica S Today!
2nd15:23 RxDebbie Today!
3rd16:36 RxSharli Today!
1st12:37 RxDavid Today!
2nd15:23 RxTrevor Today!
3rd15:33 RxWade H Today!

Kevin B27:50  banded pull-ups
David12:37 Rx look! i made the 6 AM!
Melissa E18:40  banded pull up
Chris E19:26  Blue band
Debbie15:23 Rx
Brandon L20:38 Rx
Trevor15:23 Rx
Anna G17:12  green+blue bands, 10#, knee, burpees x3
Aaron M19:50  Forgot HR on half of burpees oops
Sara H17:01 Rx
Tracey18:28  blue band for most pu
Mendie19:33  no bands just pull ups not full
Shelly M18:13  jumping pull-ups
Jessica S14:25 Rx
Wade H15:33 Rx
Sharli16:36 Rx
Waylen21:02 Rx
Kelly L20:13  knee pu, red band pu
Karen27:17  grn band knee pu
Ben Lomond CrossFit Jul 22,2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Casey M & Rhonda
Hesitation kills

Five rounds for time of:
5 Power Cleans (155/95lbs)
10 Front-Racked Lunges (155/95lbs)
15 Burpees Over the Barbell

1st16:13 RxJessica S Mon,Jul 21,2014
2nd16:41 RxEmily Mon,Jul 21,2014
3rd14:29Kelly L Mon,Jul 21,2014
1st14:16 RxBrett Mon,Jul 21,2014
2nd16:37 RxJon S Mon,Jul 21,2014
3rd18:48 RxJustin W Mon,Jul 21,2014

Brett14:16 Rx
Kevin B24:50  115 cleans/95 lunges
Rhonda14:43  75lb bar
Stacie15:15  50 lb
Jason N20:00  115# for 4 rounds; 95# last round
Melissa E20:10  60lbs
Wade H23:09  dropped to 135
Sara H16:14  80 #
Kelly E18:45  115
Heidi17:34  60#
Josiah18:30  50#, reps 5,5,10
Tracey14:46  65#
Kelly L14:29  60#, squats not lunges
Boston16:40  60#
Ryan G17:58  105 #
Waylen18:18  95#
Ryan S18:20  95#
Karen25:43  40#
Luke28:13  75#
Mendie15:22  60lb
Sami18:05  65 lbs
Hayden M18:30  10lbs
Josslyn18:17  50lbs
Anita16:20  65lbs
Josh C20:57  80lbs PC and lunges
George17:39  95 bar
Heather W16:51  65#
Amy17:01  80# first 2/dropped to 60# last 3
Justin W18:48 Rx
Emily16:41 Rx
Jon S16:37 Rx
Chad17:59  rX2
Justin Wh15:45  75#
Heather S18:23  65#
Jessica S16:13 Rx
Robert18:58 Rx Brutal
Kelly R19:50  #95 weak
Judd23:46  95lb
Chris F20:58  115lbs
Ben Lomond CrossFit Jul 21,2014

Gym 7:11pm
no only a afternnon

Kristen 6:31pm
Will there be a morning class on the 24th??!

Waylen 2:22pm
I would like class on the 24th, even if its just open gym to work on benchmarks

Wade H 10:36am
Wait... Can I retract my previous comment. Hahaha unless it's Nasty Girls because I can actually do it now! Today was nasty enough ouch

Kelly M 9:33am
Got a few brave souls....I have something nasty planned!

Wade H 9:28am
Yes please! Oh and Happy Birthday Casey and Rhonda!

Judd 9:20am
I woukd like a class on the 24th

Kelly M 8:09am
Who would like to have a class on the 24th ? I can do afternoon classes if you guys want? 3-4 post and let me know?