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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Welcome Kapri & Lisa Gu & Annette
“Turkey Day Massacre”

“Turkey Day Massacre”
60min As many points as possible
In teams of 3, which will be picked out of a hat, you will have 60 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible by completing the following movements:
Gymnastics Movements
20 sit ups = 2pts  
1 rope climb 15' = 5pts  
10 pull ups = 5pts
20 push ups= 5pts
20 kb swings (50/35) = 10pts
50 air squats = 10pts
5 muscle ups = 15pts
5 wall climbs = 15pts
800m run = 10pts
Barbell movement (95/60) = 1pt per rep
This can be anything-ground to overhead, power clean, snatch, sdhp, deadlift, front squat, back squat, push press, etc.
Team member 1 will be completing an 800m run
Team member 2 will be completing an AMRAP of any of the barbell movements
Team member 3 will be completing any of the gymnastics movements
**Once team member 1 returns from the 800m run, the team will rotate responsibilities**
It is the teams responsibility to keep track of all the point totals/reps.  All reps for each movement must be done completely and properly in order for the points to count.
We will provide scorecards.

Ben Lomond CrossFit Nov 27,2014

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Kelly M 11:58am
Thanks to all who came and did the turkey day massacre it was tons of fun great job team BLCF!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Kelly M
Hope your all planning on the turkey burner WOD on Thursday it's going to be at 9:00 it is a hour WOD some come prepared! I'm not going to post the WOD, but bring your family if you have some in town and make sure you bring a dollar it will cost you to get into this WOD! I will fill you in on Thursday

Earn the bird

500 m row
5  Strict HSPU  
10 box jump 24/20
15 burpees  
20 kb swings 50/35
25 toe 2 bar
20 kb swing
15 burpee  
10 box jump  
5 Strict HSPU

1st15:20 RxEmily S Wed,Nov 26,2014
2nd11:28Sara H Wed,Nov 26,2014
3rd12:05Debbie L Wed,Nov 26,2014
1st8:15 RxJon S Wed,Nov 26,2014
2nd10:47 RxWade H Wed,Nov 26,2014
3rd10:50 RxRobert Wed,Nov 26,2014

Mary15:25  modified
Eric P15:48  modified
Ann D17:22  cb10 bp10, regular pushup, t2b 10,
Teri12:59  2 pads for hspu
Bryan Ch11:46 Rx
Brandon L18:10  Modified WOD: 500m Row, Kipping HSPUs, 60# KB Swings, 38'' Box Jumps, 500m Row
Debbie L12:05  2 Mat HSPUs
Rhonda13:48  Box HSPU, K2E
Cory12:46 Rx
Marisela13:56  25 lb kb 16' box, 20' box hspu
Danelle13:51  scaled hspu & t2b
Luke14:40  Box HSPU
Annette15:09  scaled everything
Tracey15:32  1 mat hspu
Melissa E13:45  2mat hspu, toes don't touch bar
Preston W10:25  15# kb gr bj box hspu box ttb
Shelly W15:03  35# kb box hspu
Jelene17:51  2 abmats for hspu's
Anita15:24  Hspu was more of a handstand
Jessica R15:30  box hspu
Chance14:33 Rx
Bill15:50  Mod k2b, box j
Talon15:45  1 back pad. touched feet on toes to bar
Sara H11:28  box hspus
Wade H10:47 Rx
George14:32  2 pad hspu
Allan14:21  alt HSPU
Karen14:11  20# db press step ups 25#kb floor to bar leg lifts
Emily S15:20 Rx 24' box
Kapri15:00  25 kg
Lisa Gu14:28  #20 kb, hspu 2 pads, 25 knee to chest
Cortney R12:26  knees to somewhere...2 mat hspu
Kelly R12:55  2 mat 1st round 3 mat sec
Brian So12:30  2 mat HSPU, a few kips
Jake G14:46  Few kips
Erik16:09  box HSPU, 16' box jumps, bar knee raises
Jon S8:15 Rx
Robert10:50 Rx
Ben Lomond CrossFit Nov 26,2014

Kelly M 8:36pm
You can rope climb tomorrow , but you don't have too? So Bring socks if you want to climb? O ya we will be running!

Robert 7:28pm
Can someone put my time in for me. 10:50 rx. Thanks. I put it on the board bit not in the computer

Kelly M 12:32pm
It may not last long so if you want them better act quick!

Kelly M 12:20pm
Adidas oly shoes are on sell at rogue for 150.00 and free shipping that's 50.00 off! Let me know and I can put in a order?