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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Bench Press Strenght WOD

Take 20 min
Bench Press  
5-5-3-3-3-1-1 AHAP (As heavy as possible)
Warm up properly.  Continuously add weight.

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Oct 15,2014 Thu,Sep 5,2013
1st145 RxShae M Tue,Jun 10,2014
2nd141 RxShelly M Thu,Sep 5,2013
3rd115 RxErin Wed,Oct 15,2014
Lisa G Thu,Sep 5,2013
1st390 RxChance Wed,Oct 15,2014
2nd325 RxGeoff Thu,Sep 5,2013
3rd315 RxKelly M Wed,Oct 15,2014
Cortney S Wed,Oct 15,2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Happy Birthday Joe
2 Hundies

One Round of:  
50 DB Snatches (25%/20%) Alt Every Other
50 Toes to Bar
50 PERFECT HR Push-Ups  
50 Abmat sit-ups

1st10:37 RxJessica S Wed,Oct 22,2014
2nd13:43 RxDebbie Wed,Oct 22,2014
3rd17:16 RxSara H Wed,Oct 22,2014
1st10:41 RxJon S Wed,Oct 22,2014
2nd13:36 RxJustin W Wed,Oct 22,2014
3rd14:18 RxWade H Wed,Oct 22,2014

Eric P15:00  10 lb snatches, 60 box steps, leg raises, knee pushups
Mary15:15  10 lb snatches, box steps, knee pushups
Brandon L22:00  *Alt WOD for Injury: 50 50# Alt Russian KB Swings, 50 T2B, 50 30'' Box Jumps, 50 Ab Mat Situps
Debbie13:43 Rx
Bryan Ch15:08 Rx
Stacie17:01  knee push ups, knees up
Teri19:07  work on toes to bar
Melissa E19:03  20# DB snatch, toes to bar aren't real great
Tammy P18:58  RX everything except wormed some push-ups!!
Heidi16:45  25# DB, not quite T2B
Sara H17:16 Rx 30 lb
Emily P24:00  10#, LR, knee pu, band assit.
Ginger24:37  10lbs,10 T2B 30 hold bar, 50 k pu, 20 solo 30 assit s/u
Ryan G14:55 Rx
Marisela18:00  20 lb db, knee raises, knee push ups
Karen17:57  20# db knee raises knee pu
Nathan M16:10 Rx
Luke17:36  40# DB
Wade H14:18 Rx
Shelly M18:40  40# db snatches, t2b
Kelly L17:30  not all pushups were perfect! rx the rest
Madison18:33  #25, knee ups, knee pu
Mendie22:11  not all t2b touched
Kristina21:40  25# DB/ not all t2b
Erin23:11  t2b got nasty
Missouri23:56  #20, 3 T2B, 10 perfect pushups (25 total)
Jelene20:21  knee hrpu's
Britney20:28 Rx
Waylen27:02  Modified due to surgery
Erica M17:30 Rx
Jessica S10:37 Rx
Crystal14:39  knees to bar
Tim15:02  Knees to Elbows
Jon S10:41 Rx
Emily S13:00  25# db, GHD instead of T2B
George17:20 Rx
Danielle21:45 Rx 30#db
Justin W13:36 Rx
Geoff28:20 Rx
Cortney S14:55 Rx 60# DB
Jason N15:47 Rx
Judd15:38 Rx
Korahle16:50  15 lb DB, Knee raises
Erik18:45  20lb DB snatches, knee raises, 32 PU, 25 sit ups
Brian So17:33  Sore Knee, 25lb db Presses for snatches
Aaron M 7:39pm
We're looking for someone to do daycare for trade for the Friday 4&5pm classes. Anyone interested?

Gym 4:23pm
No yoga tonight Jill has the flu