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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Buy in to the WOD with:

50 shoot throughs


-KBS 30% BW
-Cal row
-Push press 95#/60#
-Jumping Lunges

25% BW KBS
75#/45# Push Press

Chosen as WOD: Fri,Sep 13,2013 Thu,Apr 25,2013
1st272 RxJessica S Fri,Sep 13,2013
2nd269 RxKayla V Thu,Apr 25,2013
3rd236 RxDebbie Thu,Apr 25,2013
1st329 RxDavid Fri,Sep 13,2013
2nd317 RxKelly M Fri,Sep 13,2013
3rd311 RxCasey M Fri,Sep 13,2013

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
3 rep OHS

3-3-3-3-3 of:

Overhead squats

Start at a very manageable weight then add weight for each set. Don't just jump to your 3 rep max. Follow the rep scheme above!

1st95 RxSara H Wed,Jul 30,2014
2nd85 RxErin Wed,Jul 30,2014
3rd80 RxDebbie Wed,Jul 30,2014
1st225 RxCasey M Wed,Jul 30,2014
Geoff Wed,Jul 30,2014
2nd155 RxDavid Wed,Jul 30,2014
Brian So Wed,Jul 30,2014
3rd145 RxChris F Wed,Jul 30,2014

Crystal15 Rx
Tim30 Rx
Mike W115 Rx
Debbie80 Rx
Stacie25 Rx
David155 Rx ran out of time
Kelly H115 Rx
Kelly L35 Rx
Sharli75 Rx
Kelly E105 Rx
Sara H95 Rx
Waylen65 Rx
Karen40 Rx
Judd125 Rx
Luke65 Rx
Wade H115 Rx
Heather W75 Rx one rep at 80# :)
Erin85 Rx
Brooke15 Rx
Anna G35 Rx working on depth
Charlotte70 Rx
Anita50 Rx
Josh C55 Rx
George65 Rx
Casey M225 Rx yes i finally beat dave in something
Anthony135 Rx
Mendie60 Rx
Ian65 Rx
Allan95 Rx did 105# one rep
Doug85# new PR Rx
Geoff225 Rx
Jessica S75 Rx
Ben P135 Rx
Justin Wh115 Rx
Laurie65lbs Rx
Brian So155 Rx
Ryan G95 Rx Working on form
Chris F145 Rx
Brandon L85 Rx