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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Happy Birthday DeeDee & Randy
What are we monkeys?

21 min AMRAP
3-Burpee pull overs  
6-Alternating pistols
9- Med ball clean wall ball 20/14
18-One leg jump rope 9-left 9-right
3- burpee pull ups
6- GOOD air squats
9- wall balls 20/14

Ben Lomond CrossFit Aug 21,2014

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Happy Birthday Nathan M & Luke & Logan VO
Randy on the Run

“Randy on the Run”
5 rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
15 Power Snatches (75/45)

1st17:35 RxDebbie Wed,Aug 20,2014
2nd18:52 RxTracey Wed,Aug 20,2014
3rd19:10 RxMendie Wed,Aug 20,2014
1st15:25 RxBrett Wed,Aug 20,2014
2nd15:56 RxRobert Wed,Aug 20,2014
3rd16:20 RxJustin W Wed,Aug 20,2014

Brett15:25 Rx
Brandon L24:36 Rx
Faith26:40 Rx
Trevor60:43 Rx 1mile instead of 400m, each round
Tracey18:52 Rx
Debbie17:35 Rx
Tammy P20:54 Rx
Jason N21:10 Rx
Athena20:31  30 lb snatches
Melissa E22:28  40#
Chris F22:34 Rx
Karen2:19  1st & 5th 400 M rest 300M 40#
Aaron M19:59 Rx
Anita17:10  35lb
Krystal20:20  30lb bar
Erin21:36 Rx
Madison22:08  #30 snatch
Heather W22:03 Rx
Erica M25:30 Rx
Charlotte25:22  30#
Danelle25:17 Rx
Kaitlin24:37  45# 15reps, 8reps, 7reps, 6reps, 5reps. YIKES.
Shelly M23:57 Rx #50 snatches
Jake G16:41 Rx
Justin W16:20 Rx
Luke19:42  Row 300M, 60# Snatch
George20:41 Rx
Robert15:56 Rx unbroken on snatches except round 4...... 8/7
Mendie19:10 Rx
Chad19:35  75# Push-press
Cortney R21:06 Rx
Chance19:58 Rx
Allan23:39 Rx
Heather S21:25 Rx
Brian So18:50 Rx
Crystal21:42  30lb bar, half snatch
Melinda G24:12 Rx
Ryan G24:54 Rx Hurt lower back
Tim21:38  65lb snatch
Ben Lomond CrossFit Aug 20,2014

Ben Lomond CrossFit Aug 20,2014

Tammy P 8:35pm
Good Job!!! Can't wait for you to start coaching. Your AWSOME..

Justin W 7:56pm
That a boy cort

Ryan G 5:10pm

Heather S 11:37am

Robert 11:02am
Congrats Cort. Great job on both.

Gym 10:15am
Fantastic!!!!  Way to Go Cort!!!  Can't Wait to have you train me!!   Such an Inspiration to me!!
- Shelly

Wade H 9:26am
Word! Great job Cort!

Dana 8:28am
Great job on your muscle up Cort and on passing your cert!!

Kelly M 8:27am
Way to go Cortney ! And he got his first ring MU yesterday!

Aaron M 8:03am
Congratulations to our newest certified trainer. Cortney Smith passed his test and will start helping coach classes soon. He got hooked hard and fast on CrossFit and is now ready to take his passion for learning new skills to being great at helping us all perfect ours. We're excited for him to get coaching (if we can get his other job to lighten his load enough to be able to make it here).