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Saturday, November 01, 2014
Happy Birthday Jason N


14 min AMRAP
50 Cal Row
40 Russian KB Swing (70#/53#) – Masters (53#/35#) 40 and older
30 Burpees  
40 Cal Row
30 Russian KB Swing
20 Burpees
30 Cal Row
20 Russian KB Swings
10 Burpees

Teammates will alternate between two stations both working simultaneously. Both must complete both of the 6 min AMRAPS
(#1) 6 min row – For distance
2 min rest
(#2) As any reps As Possible
40 Russian KB Swing (70#/53#)
30 Burpees  
30 Russian KB Swing
20 Burpees
20 Russian KB Swings
10 Burpees

Chosen as WOD: Sat,Dec 28,2013
1st1426 RxMandee Sat,Dec 28,2013
2nd160 RxShelly M Sat,Dec 28,2013
3rd169Tracey Sat,Dec 28,2013
1st237 RxKelly M Sat,Dec 28,2013
2nd225 RxJon S Sat,Dec 28,2013
3rd210 RxAaron M Sat,Dec 28,2013

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Friday, October 31, 2014

3 Rounds
10 Front Squat 95/60
15 KB swings 50/35
20 Wall Balls 20/14

rest 3 minutes

3 rounds
10 push press 95/60
12 T2B
14 box jump 24/20

* Each person will pick a partner, 1 is the living and the other zombie ,The Living will go 2 minutes ahead of zombies.  If the zombie catch the living (beat or tie their score) then the one caught has to do 25 burpees.  For the second WOD the living will become the zombies and the zombie the living.

1st16:47 RxJessica S Fri,Oct 31,2014
2nd18:25 RxDebbie Fri,Oct 31,2014
3rd24:15 RxAnita Fri,Oct 31,2014
1st17:15 RxJustin W Fri,Oct 31,2014
2nd19:57 RxChad Fri,Oct 31,2014
3rd19:59 RxNathan M Fri,Oct 31,2014

Eric P21:18  Modified t2b
Missy21:15  50# push press
Kristen21:07  50lb
Brandon L27:35  Alt WOD: 3 Rds 10 95# Front Squats, 16 50# Alt Russian KB Swings, 20 45# Russian Twists; 3 Rds 10, 12 T2B, 14 37'' Box
Kevin B30:43  75#/40kb
Debbie18:25 Rx
Wade H20:01 Rx
Randy24:55  No T2B, just knee ups, 75 push press
Tracey24:00  Almost rx - dang t2b missed a few
Mike W29:20  t2b touch floor
Jason N29:50 Rx
Melissa E26:08  dropped push press to 50 in second round
Ginger23:07  PP 15, KB 15, 6lb w, 10 lsq, 12, 14
Heidi22:11  almost T2B
Luke24:46  75# PP
Rhonda21:57  T2B not so much
Shelly W25:38  10#wb, 25#kb, 50# bar
Eric C20:02 Rx Dang you Wade!!
Cory22:26 Rx
Nathan M19:59 Rx
Danelle24:11  scaled t2b
Jelene28:28 Rx
Shelly M23:58  t2b not quite there
Dana33:16  50lb FS, 50lb PP 1st rd then 30, floor T2B, last 2 rd step ups
Amy20:03  not all toes to bar
Bill13:02  Modified reps
Chance20:57 Rx
Chad19:57 Rx Halloween RX !!!!!!!!!!!
Anita24:15 Rx slow but RX:)
Tim20:37  80# PP/40#KBS
Madison23:11  #60 front squat, not all T2B, #50 pp
Jessica S16:47 Rx 16lb ball
George23:55  75 pp
Justin W17:15 Rx
Ben Lomond CrossFit Oct 31,2014

Ben Lomond CrossFit Oct 31,2014

Tammy P 8:26pm
Thanks for the fun fun without!!! We should do more ones like that:)

Kristen 5:19pm
Absolutly loves the workout today so so so much fun doing a team wod and chasing eachother !!!

Sara H 9:42am
I forgot to enter my score. If someone wants to put it in its in the board 😊

Gym 8:24am
Reminder: No 5pm class tonight. Happy Halloween!