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Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Happy Birthday Jeanneth

Wall balls 20/14
Kettlebell swings 70/35
Burpee box JUMP overs

B. 3 sets not for time of  
10 GHD sit ups
10 back extensions

C. Optional
1 min battle rope

1st14:19 RxSharli Today!
2nd14:29 RxKelly L Today!
3rd14:53 RxDebbie Today!
1st14:50 RxBryan Ch Today!
2nd15:10 RxKris Today!
3rd16:22 RxWade H Today!

Kris15:10 Rx 30# WB, 30inch BBO
Kevin B23:45  14/60/20
Kristen18:49 Rx
Missy15:24 Rx
Jason N20:32 Rx
Tracey15:24 Rx
Mike W21:16  60lbs
Stacie15:34 Rx
Teri15:33 Rx
Bryan Ch14:50 Rx
Debbie14:53 Rx
Wade H16:22 Rx
Waylen18:26  50#kb
Kelly H15:31  60 kb
Karen19:44  26 kb step overs
Luke20:15  50# KB
Sharli14:19 Rx
Kelly L14:29 Rx
Rhonda15:40 Rx
Erin18:27 Rx
Heather W19:30 Rx Felt really slow today... :(
Danielle17:50 Rx
Anna G22:00  10# wb, 25# kb, 9.5' box
Shelly M23:43 Rx RX+ due to low equipment numbers - #20 WB & #40 KB
Jelene18:42  stepped over more than jumped
Ben Lomond CrossFit Oct 1,2014

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Lean and mean

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Air squats
20 1 Arm push press dumbbell or kettlebell 50/35
10 right 10 left
Rest till all finish then
50 Strict HSPU EMOM stop and do 10 double unders
50 strict press 75/45 EMOM stop and do 10 double unders

Keep track of both times add them together and that's your time to post

1st17:07 Rx2Amy Tue,Sep 30,2014
2nd18:52 Rx2Sara H Tue,Sep 30,2014
3rd18:56 Rx2Jessica S Tue,Sep 30,2014
1st18:20 RxKris Tue,Sep 30,2014
2nd19:30 RxBrett Tue,Sep 30,2014
3rd21:37 RxJon S Tue,Sep 30,2014

Kirt17:39  75 thrust, row 400
Brett19:30 Rx
Mira25:19  20# kb; 35# strict press
Kevin B19:54  40lb db
Melissa E20:55  25# during A, 45# for 11 on B, 30# for the rest
Stacie19:20  20lb, 30lb strict press
Tracey17:11  25# pp, 25@45, 25@30
Athena20:39  25# on dumbbell, dropped to 30 on strict presses
Wade H28:44 Rx
Sara H18:52 Rx2 13:01/35#..45#pp 5:51
Mike W19:16  a:rx/b:rx2-3xsingles
Waylen15:56  40# single arm, singles on JR, 65#strict press
Kelly L18:24  25# on A, 20pp @ 45#; 30 @ 30#
Jelene19:22  only used 20# db for A, only used 45# bar for 25 strict presses
Karen21:01  20# db, 30# bar singles
Luke20:56  35# Push Press, 50# Strict Press, 30 Singles
Tony23:39 Rx I ran, 12:46 HSPU
Aaron M26:19 Rx 13:53, 12:26
Sandy P19:00  30 lb press, 20 lb dumbell
Crystal18:02  25lb for 10 PP, 20lb rest; 30lb SP; singles
Tim16:49  40lb/2 pads/Singles
George19:01  15:16 40 kb / 3:45 45 bar
Heather W17:21  25 #pp, 30# strict press
Erin19:10  singles, RX'd weight
Amy17:07 Rx2 35# db push press
Preston W18:00  10#kb wighted pvc
Shelly W19:59  20#kb 30#bar
Chance17:17  strict press 115, no HSPU, singles
Madison19:37  #20 db, #30 strict press, singles
Geoff31:05  singles, and 1 pad hspu
Jessica S18:56 Rx2
Korahle20:30  20 db 30 pp 30 singles
Jon S21:37 Rx
Brian So19:28  30lb Dumbell, 70lb strict press
Kris18:20 Rx
Ben Lomond CrossFit Sep 30,2014

Kris 6:14pm
18:20 rx